September 5, 2014

Harper's Bazaar Sep issue fashion editorial shot in Paris

Photography by Ralph Wenig
Styling by Crystal W
Styling assistant: Crystal Yung
Photography assistant: Frank Aubert
Hair: Muriel Vancauwen
Make up: Vera Dierckx,
Model: Beth Edwards, Karine Leps
Production: Artsphere

August 10, 2014

Harper's Bazaar HK August issue--Dries Van Noten Exhibition, Barbara Bui Interview & Calvin Klein Jeans Re-Issue

It was great to meet Barbara in her office in Le Marais. She is so friendly and cheerful. And I was happy to know more about how she established her brand as you cannot find much information about it from the internet!

The Dries Van Noten exhibition is one of the BEST exhibitions I ever saw! The museum extended the day til 2 NOV. If you are in Paris YOU HAVE TO GO!

February 12, 2014

La Dolce Vita!

                        JAN 2014

                              JUNE 2008

      The apartment I stayed 7 yrs ago

The day before I was very happy, I am still feel happy about wt happened in that day. The weather was sunny and I finished my work before noon so I went to Hôtel de Ville and walked to the direction of Saint Paul. And I was just wandering around the area. I went back to the area I stayed 7 yrs ago when I first to come to Paris. And I texted my good frd Virginie who I met 7 yrs ago and I stayed in her loverly  parisian apartment. And she gave me the address of the apartment and I went back there!

I felt like surreal becos I am living in Paris now, one of my dream cities. And I visited the area again. I feel very thankful that my dream came true. I have been traveling around and there were some moments  I felt very thankful and thrilled. It can be something u see and some ppl u meet, for example 3 yrs ago the road trip to Qecbec and Montreal from New York City with my frd. I saw the milky way I saw some whales and I met very nice ppl and I had reunion with 2 great frds I knew in HK when they traveled to my city! I felt like: if I die now, I have no regret  in my life. U know wt I m saying? Have u ever had the same feeling?

And I went to Café de Flore to have dinner. I met 2 interesting ppl. Then they asked me to join them for dinner in an italian restaurant. I didn't go with them. However, I met them again in the same night. It was mellow and relaxing. We talked about life, culture, philosophy…And I felt inspired in our conversation.

That's the reason I love traveling, becos you bump into interesting ppl you never expect. I get inspired and I inspire ppl.